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FFRA French Team Lead

Greetings, ZoomNation!

We are still looking for FFRA French Team Lead to work on maintaining a variety of sales boosting practices, conflict-free working environment and managing a team of sales professionals!

If you are a highly motivated professional who welcomes new challenges and loves to work with people, send your motivation letter to hr@zoomsupport.com.ua

The subject of the letter should be : "FFRA French Team Lead motivation letter". You can start with: “I should become a Team Lead because…”.

We’ll accept your letters till 25.04. 18:00!



  • 6 months+  of experience working at ZoomSupport;

  • Leader mindset;

  • Good technical skills;

  • Excellent public speaking, interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Deep understanding of the technologies, tools and processes relevant to a Sales Agent's workflow;

  • Great desire to work with people;

  • excellent organizational and problem-solving ability;

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills;

  • Responsibility & good time management;       

  • High level of stress-resistance.



  • promote efforts aimed at improving current sales department processes through a culture that fosters continuous improvement and innovation;

  • manage a team sales representatives;

  • communicate with management to understand the department’s goals and ambitions;

  • assess the strengths of team members and help them to use them effectively;

  • motivate teams and individuals to achieve business goals;

  • monitor and evaluate progress of the team by analyzing relevant department metrics;

  • keep records and documentation and prepare appropriate reports.